Vertigo & Balance Disorders

Your room may appear to be spinning, you are experiencing dizziness, or your balance is just not right. We understand that these types of symptoms can be scary and uncomfortable, but we also have the highly trained Doctors of Physical Therapy here at Function Better to sort it all out for you. You can rest your mind. There are so many conditions that can lead to the symptoms you are experiencing so it is important for you to rely less on google search Self diagnosis and place your trust and confidence in specially trained Doctors of Physical Therapy. The best treatment for your underlying condition can’t and shouldn’t even begin until after you have had the benefit of an advanced, differential diagnostic examination provided by a licensed Physical Therapist with advanced training in the management of Vertigo, Dizziness, Balance, and Vestibular disorders. That’s who we are and that’s what we do at all 7 Function Better Physical Therapy Locations. If Physical Therapy would be an effective treatment approach we will know that right away and we will get you started using the most advanced techniques and get you back to normal. If Physical Therapy is not likely to help or you need further diagnostic testing, we will know that right away too and we will guide you masterfully to the appropriate specialty or provider. Once you start with us, we are your medical concierge in that we will guide you, make phone calls and referrals on your behalf if necessary, and follow up to make sure you are receiving the highest standard of care for your particular condition. You can rest your mind and have the utmost trust and confidence in our care. Please read the very informative article below written by our very own Dr. Lauren Conway, PT, DPT, AIB-CVAM, Certified Specialist of Vestibular Assessment and Management. This article will help you to understand a bit more about Vertigo and Vestibular disorders. We are always available for a free, private, confidential consultation, just choose one of 7 convenient locations and call us today. You must get rid of these symptoms now!

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