Take a look at what some of our patients have to say about working with the Function Better team!

When I first arrived I was in substantial discomfort. Kevin worked with me to not only alleviate the pain but also come up with exercises & stretches so I could work at home. Now I can try and fix my low back issues before it gets too bad. The stretches & techniques he showed me are easy to do at home/work and make an immediate difference. I feel confident that if an issue arises I can take steps to solve it by myself. He also showed me better mechanics if I need to lift a load or do some yard work. I feel that the Utica site is professional and well staffed and very accommodating to my scheduling needs.

Dan S.

I came to Function Better and was in alot of pain and had trouble walking. Kevin was very friendly and helpful. He showed me some exercises that immediately helped the pain and my walking. After several weeks of appointments, I was back to feeling 100%. I left with the knowledge of knowing what to do to help prevent this injury from coming back. Would gladly go back again if any sort of problem came about. This was an excellent experience during a very painful one. Thanks again for all your help.

Kim A

My initial visit demonstrated a pain level of 4-6 dependent on activities. After PT & home exercise, that level has dropped to a comfortable and tolerable 0-1. Dr. Kevin took the time to explain the mechanics, and to develop a home exercise plan that helped to alleviate the pain.

Joe B.

PT at Function Better was very convenient because of its location. The staff was very knowledgeable and friendly and listened to me well to help address the issues. I loved that it was combined with Studio 55 so that we could work toward getting back into the classes I like to take.

Lynn H.

Very enjoyable, help me out alot, very friendly. Took the time to make sure my goals were met.

Mark G.

I had a very good experience. The staff was awesome, friendly, attentive & caring. They were always trying new ways to alleviate my problem. Appt times were prompt, so you could be in and out. I would & have recommended Function Better to friends.

Carol B.

The tools and therapy allowed me to reach goals that I have not reached in years. Dr. Kevin Smith is full of information that has allowed me to gain my life back. Thank you for a great experience. I highly recommend Function Better to all my friends and family.

Debbie B.

Very impressed with the thouroughness of treatment & explinations. Great progress. Will reccomend to others!

Pat E.

My experience at Function Better was enjoyable & very helpful. Dr. Smith was informative about my condition and the exercises he gave me to do at home. My knee does not bother me now, and I am able to get in my car, go up & down stairs, and just walk without thinking about my knee.

Arlene S.

When I came here two weeks ago, I was in agony with my left leg. Drs Say it is sciatica. After three visits with the therapist, I feel 75% better than when I first started. The Dr. here is a very smart and caring person, and I thank him with my heart.

Kathleen H.

Always felt very welcome and was listened too when I had a lot of pain. Very friendly staff and clean environment. I never thought my neck & back were going to feel the same, but now they do.

Caryne D.

Function Better definitely lives up to its name! I have been surprised and delighted at the diagnosis & treatment – My quality of life has improved dramatically, as well as my confidence & self-esteem. Now I can continue with the  exercises & go forward with the assurance that I have the tools to manage any pain, stiffness, or discomfort.

Jo Y.

I had a great experience, the therapist was very knowledgeable and helpful. I would definitely recommend them to family and friends.

Stephanie T.

Function Better has accommodated me with superior treatment. The therapy was extremely beneficial, providing me with through analysis, guidance, and support. We corrected the issues I initially developed as well as attained the necessary measures to prevent future relapses and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Great experience, Thank You!

Natasha D.

I can control my pain by exercising my back & neck. Good experience. Thank you!


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