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Lymphedema Treatment at Function Better Physical Therapy Mega Center in Yorkville, NY

Edema. Oedema. Lymphedema. Funny words, but not so funny conditions.

There’s nothing funny about lymphedema when you take your sox off at the end of the day and see an indent around your calf. It’s not in the least bit amusing when you look at your hands or feet and don’t recognize them because they’re so swollen.

You wonder what this means. Is it serious? Dangerous?

What Caused Your Lymphedema?

Lymphedema has several causes, but the most common is a complication after breast cancer or melanoma surgery or any removal of lymph nodes with radiation. Your surgeon probably warned you that this was a possible side effect.

But what if you haven’t had surgery? Swelling due to edema without a surgery is more common as you get older, if you are overweight, or have an inadequate diet.

Damage or trauma of any kind to your lymphatic system can set off a cascade of symptoms. Lymphatic fluid builds up and causes swelling. Uncomfortable and unsightly, but is it really a problem?

Do You Need Lymphedema Treatment?

Your lymphatic system is an important part of your immune system. Your body needs your lymphatic system to help fight for your health when facing a virus, infection, or other disease.

Over time, left untreated, lymphedema leads to open wounds, skin discoloration and infections that reduce mobility.

So, yes. It is vital to seek treatment for lymphedema. Early intervention is always best, but physical therapy treatment is effective later on, too.

Why Choose Function Better Physical Therapy Mega Center in Yorkville, NY

Our Certified Lymphedema Therapist expertly helps you control the swelling to reduce the risk of additional side effects from your lymphedema.

After a thorough assessment of your condition by your physical therapist, our Certified Lymphedema Therapist Function Better Physical Therapy Mega Center in Yorkville, NY, implements a customized treatment plan. Your recovery will include a combination of therapies, each designed to reduce swelling and discomfort, increase your mobility, and reduce the risk of infections and other side effects.

Some common treatments for lymphedema include:

  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD): Our Certified Lymphedema Therapist performs a specialized massage that moves the extra fluid in your body to decrease the swelling from lymphedema. At Function Better Physical Therapy Mega Center you’ll receive extremely skilled hands-on manual therapies that make a difference immediately.
  • Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT): CDT combines Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) with skin care, special compression wrapping, exercises, and elevation. CDT lowers total fluid volume over several weeks of treatment.
  • Intermittent Pneumatic Compression (IPC): Our Certified Lymphedema Therapist expertly applies Intermittent Pneumatic Compression using a specialized device to move extra fluid out of the affected limb. In combination with hands-on therapy, this modality mimics the actions of normal limb vasculature, successfully moving fluid to reduce swelling and discomfort.
  • Compression Garments: Our Certified Lymphedema Therapist accurately measures you for a compression garment if it is part of your recovery or maintenance plan.
  • Therapeutic Exercise Program: You will receive specific instructions for a therapeutic exercise program that supports your lymphatic health. Many typical exercises can increase swelling and put stress on the lymphatic system, so it is vital to implement a customized program.

If you have had surgery or have lymphedema without surgery, the first step is a comprehensive assessment of your condition.

Contact Function Better Physical Therapy Mega Center in Yorkville, NY, for an appointment.

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