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Studio 55 Fitness – Yorkville

All Group Fitness Tickets can be purchased one class at a time; No Ticket Bundles at this time.

Group Fitness Program Group Fitness Classes, the Expert (and very popular) Instructors, and the beautiful, spacious, and temperature controlled Studios make Studio 55 a favorite for hundreds of people in the Mohawk Valley looking to get in shape, stay in shape, and have a lot of fun doing it!!!!
No Memberships! No Contracts! No Initiation Fees! We are a ticket based venue; tickets are shareable and they never expire! Please see Ticket Pricing and Packages and keep an eye out as we have big sales

Ticket Pricing Cash/Check Discounted Prices:

1 for $12
6 for $60 ($10/class)
14 for $77 ($5.50/class)

Credit Prices:
1 for $14
6 for $65
14 for $83
Keep an eye out for our Next BIG Ticket Sale!

Class schedules

Description coming soon!

Fitness Instructors

  • Dan Patterson
  • April Paschke
  • Shannon Enders
  • Aileen Basile
  • Brittany Praznik
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