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Sports Injury Rehab

SPORTS INJURY REHAB at Function Better Physical Therapy Mega Center in Yorkville, NY

The Physical Therapy team at Function Better Physical Therapy can get you back on your game in no time.

Make an appointment to set up a Free Examination that starts your road to recovery. Don’t wait for the injury to get worse. Contact us now!

Injured Athletes aren’t setting any records, right? Well, you need to get back in the game FAST! This is precisely why you need the most advanced, progressive, performance-optimizing athletic injury management available. Yup, that’s us!

If you have a sports injury and you value your athletic career and future success, it is imperative that YOU manage the entire process yourself. Do not allow yourself to be referred to just any physical therapy place because some surgeons are pressured to “refer in-house.” This, perhaps, is more in their organization’s best interest than in yours.

Sports Injury Rehabilitation at Function Better Physical Therapy Mega Center in Yorkville, NY

Sports Injury rehabilitation is so much more involved than swelling reduction and motion improvement.

You are not the average patient.

You require an appropriately aggressive approach to optimize not only your ability to return to the game but to perform better than you did before your Sports Injury occurred.

Many Physical Therapy places rehabilitate the Sports Injury, and it stops there.

It is absolutely critical that your program is followed through and progressed to the “Athletic Performance Enhancement” phase. Without this key component, you are at a much higher risk of getting injured and being out of the game again.

In fact, a subsequent injury could ruin your chances of a future starting position, a collegiate opportunity, or even a successful and rewarding professional career.

We have a unique approach at Function Better Physical Therapy for Sports Injury rehabilitation and management.

A Unique Approach to Sports Injury Physical Therapy

We consider you a one-legged creature, and that is how you are rehabilitated and trained if your particular sport applies. Think about it, how often while you are running, skating, or dancing are you on both feet at the same time? Close to Never!

So, if your sport involves running, accelerating, decelerating, jumping, landing, stabilizing, and/or changing direction, it is critical that your Sports Injury rehabilitation program progressively becomes a “one-legged dominant” program. The same is true for a dancer, a gymnast, or a figure skater.

Throwing Athletes and swimmers require an advanced, sport-specific progression with a significant emphasis on ensuring the entire shoulder girdle complex, core, and lower body are all in perfect harmony for optimal performance and future Sports Injury risk reduction.

Following your Sports Injury, you CAN run faster, jump higher, land with more stability, accelerate more explosively, throw harder and with more precision and/or just be a much stronger, faster, and successful athlete, so long as you are in a program completely customized for YOU. That is what we do!

You don’t have to wait. Our Doctors of Physical Therapy can see you now. You don’t have to sit in a waiting room for 30-45 minutes. We see you at the time of your scheduled appointment.

You will get the industry’s most comprehensive and advanced Sports Injury assessment right here at Function Better Physical Therapy Mega Center in Yorkville, NY.

In fact, you can dial our Sports Injury Hotline (315)525-6860, 24 hours/day and 7 days/week, for immediate advisement and consultation.

Get back in the game and stay in the game with the most advanced Sports Injury Rehabilitation and Athletic Performance Enhancement right here at Function Better Physical Therapy Mega Center in Yorkville, NY!

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